Swimming training for infants

Swim lessons in Thailand Phuket

The duration of the first swimming lesson for an infant, the number of repetitions and exercises is determined individually by the instructor-methodologist and depends on his age, birth weight, the neurological status of the child and the learning ability of the adult.

All exercises are carried out if the child is in a good mood. Building a positive attitude is very important for the successful learning and development and growth of a healthy child.

Exercises in water to prepare for swimming actively affect the child’s muscular system, and infants get tired very quickly, because water is 100 times denser than air.

It is necessary to make short rest pauses after each exercise. But that doesn’t mean doing nothing! You just need to transfer the child to another position and give it a rest, swinging in the water in various ways. All child support in the water is carried out under the child’s head.