You’re Thinking About Getting Your Kid Into Competitive Sports

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Every four years, athletes across the globe come together to compete in the world’s largest sporting event, and in doing so inspire us to imagine the possibilities as we catch the spirit and dare to dream. If you witnessed your child’s eyes light up as they watched fellow swimmers, soccer players and skateboarders on TV this summer, you know what we mean!

Perhaps you’ve even found yourself thinking about what your child’s future could be. Today’s children are tomorrow’s champions, after all!


The lessons kids learn from competitive sports empower them to achieve Extraordinary Results in all areas of life. Here are just a few of the many benefits kids gain from playing a competitive sport they’re passionate about:
1. Provides Physical Exercise

Competitive sports can be a fun way for kids to stay active! As they’re busy playing a sport they enjoy, they’ll also get in a good workout, which will help keep their growing bodies healthy and strong.
2. Supports Academic Success

Research shows that kids who play sports are more likely to do better in school. The same time management, self-discipline and commitment that’s required to excel in the pool or on the field carry over to the classroom and help student-athletes succeed on both fronts.
3. Teaches Teamwork

As the saying goes, there’s no “I” in team. Everyone has a role to play! Learning how to be a good teammate and working well with others starts at a young age. Competitive sports can help kids learn how to use their talents to support their teammates and encourage each other as they work toward shared goals. The bonds that are formed through these shared experiences, often lead to teammates becoming good friends. The friendships our swim buddy Ryan Murphy made through learning to swim as a child, and then through teams and competitions, have encouraged and motivated him in and out of the pool!
4. Fosters Work Ethic

It takes a lot of hard work and preparation to make it to the big leagues! Professional athletes spend years diligently practicing and perfecting their skills so they can perform to the best of their abilities. Through competitive sports, kids learn what it means to be committed – to themselves and their team! – and develop the work ethic and discipline required to excel at anything they put their mind to.
5. Boosts Confidence

Practice makes progress! Every stride they take, shot they make and goal they score adds up to a big boost in self-esteem. As kids overcome obstacles and realize what they’re capable of accomplishing when they apply themselves, they begin to believe in themselves more and more. With each new experience, their confidence grows, and it shows—especially when the focus is on continuous improvement and reaching their personal best, as opposed to a score.
6. Builds Character

Competitive sports also help teach kids other important life skills, like how to set and achieve goals, stay calm under pressure, develop a growth mindset and view losses as learning opportunities. Not everything will always work out the way they hoped. Some things will come easy to them, and others they’ll have to work harder for. Some days they’ll win, and some days they’ll lose. Learning how to navigate these challenges and control emotions when disappointment sets in helps build character and teaches kids about resilience.