Swimming for pregnant women

Swimming has the most beneficial effect on the body of a pregnant woman. Swimming lessons help the expectant mother learn how to breathe correctly, which is of great importance during childbirth. Also, when swimming in the body of a pregnant woman, blood flow improves, so the baby receives more oxygen and nutrients. Another huge benefit of swimming for pregnant women is that swimming helps the fetus to properly position itself in the womb.

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Mueang Phuket, Rawai
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Allows you to use the features and abilities of the student and contributes to the rapid learning and achievement of results.


We took the best practices of domestic and foreign swimming training. We are not looking for champions, we are creating them.

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Our trainers are swimmers with proven skills, specialized education and extensive work experience.

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Swim lessons in Thailand Phuket
Different ages
45 minutes
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Massage will improve blood circulation and blood supply, help relieve tension and headaches, relax tired muscles, relieve insomnia and remove swelling, relieve stress and improve performance.

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Swim lessons in Thailand Phuket
Different ages
45 minutes
Departure of a specialist

Watsu - a set of exercises in warm water lead a person to a state of deep relaxation. WATSU significantly reduces stress and pain, improves quality of life and improves mood associated with mental health.

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You will learn to breathe correctly in water, feel the water and yourself in it, learn to crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly (dolphin) swim.
Learn to make starts from the bedside table and turns (as they do in swimming competitions). For beginners, the coach swims in the water during the first lessons to show the correct movements. You will swim a lot of balance exercises, to improve buoyancy, you will swim high-speed sections for a while, then you will swim your first kilometer without stopping and you will learn new elements and improve your results, take part in competitions! Bosphorus, OceanMan, IRONMAN, VolgaSwim, IRONSTAR, TITAN, the Masters competition.

In training at a swimming school, the main focus is on setting the correct swimming technique. First, we pay special attention to the correct position of the body in the water, balance! For this, we do special exercises to improve buoyancy in the first lessons. We learn to breathe correctly in the water (both for beginners and for those who already know how to swim, because the correct body position in the water is the BASIS and what will help you to improve your results), because you will slide on the water! After you have learned to lie high and level on the water, feel the water and yourself in it, we begin to perform exercises on the swimming technique (first, a crawl on the chest and back, then breaststroke and butterfly). While explaining new technical elements – the coach jumps into the water and shows you the correctness of their implementation, as well as controls your swimming technique and immediately gives feedback. We are fans of the legendary American Total Immersion method, so you will count your strokes and think when you swim. At the swimming school we have combined the Total Immersion methodology with the traditional method of training swimmers, so your swimming training will be comprehensive, from different angles, which will bring results!

Trainings take place on land and in water. While explaining the technical elements, the trainer is in the water and shows how to do the exercises correctly. We tested different training models and realized that learning proper swimming is most effective and efficient when the coach sees your movements under water and above the water + gives immediate feedback, so the coach is in the water (while learning new elements) and then goes to side to control the correctness of the exercise.

If you already feel confident in the water, swim in 4 styles, swim more than 1,500 meters per workout, you can practice to improve your skills. Here we are swimming tasks for technique, power, high-speed segments for time, for endurance. We set a goal and prepare for performances in pool competitions, open water (IRONMAN water part, Oceanman, Bosphorus and other swimming competitions). Many tasks we swim “in mode”, we control the number of strokes at a distance, we think while swimming!

Have questions? Ask the founder of the school.